Rainy days are on the way
Rainy days are on the way

It seems ironic sending our Autumn newsletter out after all this lovely sunshine we have had. All the rain seems a distant memory now. But the nights are closing in and it’s certainly getting chilly. Cold and flu season is on the way so if you haven’t already – think about getting a flu shot early. No appointment necessary!

Influenza. Don't get it. Don't give it.

Flu can be anywhere

By immunising against influenza you can protect yourself and lessen the chance of bringing it home to a baby, older relative,
or someone with a medical condition who could develop serious complications from influenza.

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GO Vir-Defence

Boost your immune system
GO VIR-DEFENCE is designed to support recovery from winter ills and chills. GO Vir-Defence supports a strong immune system and the body’s defences to deal with winter threats.




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Go Arthri Remedy

Keep moving
Daily Support for Joint Movement, Mobility & Flexibility. Containing the concentrated herbal extract Artemisia annua, to support healthy joint mobility, flexibility and healthy movement in damaged or ageing joints.

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Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream

What role do Ceramides play?
Ceramides are the essential lipids found in the surface layer of skin that help to maintain the integrity of the skin’s barrier layer. They are the mortar that holds the skin cells (bricks) together. When this barrier is intact, skin looks smooth and glowing.

Ah...Home sweet home
Bring the serenity of nature indoors with Natio’s Home Happiness range featuring 100% pure and natural essential oils.

Natio's essential oils are gently extracted from aromatic flowers and plants. 100% pure and natural, they work to balance and boost the body and mind.

Essential oils are ideal for using in an ultrasonic diffuser or oil burner. Mixed with a carrier oil, they can also be applied as nourishing skin, bath and body care.

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Westbury Pharmacy

Westbury Pharmacy has everything you need to make sure you and your family are looking and feeling your best. Our well trained, experienced staff can advise you on a number of health related issues.Our accredited pharmacists can offer effective treatment in various areas.