Your Spring Survival Guide

Hayfever (also known as Allergic rhinitis) affects around 1 in 5 people in New Zealand with Allergy New Zealand estimating up to a million people suffer from hayfever. Spring can be a time when you are overcome with sniffling, itchiness and sneezing.

How to help reduce your allergy symptoms:

  • Avoid going outdoors on overly humid or windy days especially between 5am and 10am when pollen is being released.
  • Keep an eye on daily ranking of allergens, including seasonal tree pollens, grasses, weeds, and outdoor moulds. Stay indoors when levels are high.
  • Showering will wash the pollen from your skin to prevent constant pollen contact.
  • Wash your hair at night, especially if you use hair products that might trap the pollen.
  • Pollen can get trapped in your nose so use a saline sinus rinse to prevent allergic reactions in your nose.
  • Avoid hanging washing out before 10am as the fabrics hold pollen which then gets released when you wear the clothes or hop in between the sheets.
  • Try to keep windows closed at night so that pollen doesn't come inside your home when it's being blown around.
Spring window
Spring is here - in our windows!
Spring flowers window display
Giant spring flowers bring some colour to Mahara Place
Little helper in the window
A little helper putting together the Spring window
Retional ceramide capsules
Elizabeth Arden Retinonal Ceramide Capsules Spring window display