bee aware month

We love our kiwi bees and support Bee Aware month. Protecting bee health is important. Visit to learn more about caring for our kiwi bees.

As Bee Aware month draws to a close we want to highlight some of our fantastic natural products available.




Apicare range

The Apicare Range

The Apicare family prides itself on being the first company in the world to use active Manuka honey in natural skin care products.

They use only top quality and natural ingredients that have proven skin care benefits and ensure our ingredients are sourced sustainably.

Manuka honey added to their skin care has been tested by an independent laboratory and certified as being active prior to being added to our formulations.

Try our testers in-store for this wide range of intensive skin care products.

manuka honey lozenges

Watson & Son

Watson & Son Manuka honey lozenges are made with 91% pure Manuka honey.

Watson & Son MGS 12+ Manuka Honey Lozenges are guaranteed to contain methylglyoxal; at least 400 mg/ kg. 


Comvita® Range

A truly innovative honey product we stock is Comvita® Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel and Adhesive Dressings.

Medihoney® is not just your everyday edible honey, Medihoney is a medical grade manuka honey that has been scientifically researched to support wound healing.

Westbury Pharmacy

Westbury Pharmacy has everything you need to make sure you and your family are looking and feeling your best. Our well trained, experienced staff can advise you on a number of health related issues.Our accredited pharmacists can offer effective treatment in various areas.