Get that winter glow

Feeling the cold? The winter elements can leave your skin feeling dry too.


Your skin needs more nourishment in the colder months. Just like you wouldn’t wear the same clothes in July as you would in January, think about the products you are using on your skin. We've included a few tips on winter skincare and of course, if you have a specific skin issue, come in and we can find the right option for you.

Your winter skincare tips
Introducing Kylie on the Elizabeth Arden counter

Introducing Kylie

If you haven’t already met Kylie, pop by the Elizabeth Arden counter and say hi.

We have a fantastic mid-winter offer: 25% off Elizabeth Arden available to the end of July.

Did you know that the condition of your skin’s surface layer is directly linked to how healthy, radiant and youthful your skin looks?

Boost your skin’s natural defences Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster is designed to help restore the healthy look of skin’s surface layer. Used before a serum and/or moisturiser it boosts the effectiveness of your skincare products.

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