Banish those winter bugs

When most people hear the word winter, usually colds and flu spring to mind. But winter doesn't have to mean your health suffers. Enjoy the beauty of winter without the bugs, Talk to the Westbury Pharmacy team today about our wide range of affordable options for banishing those winter nasties.



By adopting a few of these habits, staying healthy during winter is easier than you think.



1. Stay hydrated

Sorry, lattes and wine dont count, but increasing your intake of herbal tea (and of course water) is incredibly beneficial. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day and if you don't feel you are getting enough, talk to our team about oral rehydration products.


2. Eliminate stress

Long term stress lowers your immunity which makes you more susceptible to colds, flu, depression and anxiety. Whether it's taking a long bath, working out at the gym, getting back to nature or playing with the kids, so something to help you unwind. We have supplements available that are specifically designed to eliminate stress and anxiety, so talk to us to find out more.


3. Practice Good Hygiene


4. Sleep well

Sleep helps your body rest repair and rejuvenate. Interrupted (or not enough) sleep significantly reduces the effectiveness of your immune system. If you're really having trouble sleeping talk to us.


5. Eat in season

Nature provides fresh seasonal foods to compensate for what our bodies are lacking at that time of year. Citrus is in season throughout winter and are full of Vitamin C, unfortunately citrus alone is not going to adequately boost your immunity system. Ask one of the team for your free sample of a tasty Vitamin supplement.


6. Vitamin D

During winter our natural Vitamin D supply from the sun diminishes due to spending less time outdoors. Vitamin D deficiency can result in fatigue and tiredness, decreased immunity, low moods or depression and hair loss, so it is pretty important.