Discounted Carefree products

Westbury Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy in Waikanae, is helping to tackle period poverty by cutting prices by 60% in an effort to alleviate the financial burden on women’s and young girl’s everyday essentials. The local business has teamed up with suppliers to reduce the financial impact of period poverty.

James Westbury, the proprietor of Westbury Pharmacy, said that “Period supplies are not cheap. But they are essential.”  

Woman’s health and in particular, periods, are no longer a tabu subject. A recent forum highlighted the extent of the financial impact on families, women and young girls. In particular, young girls are missing school or using the pill to control their period.  Westbury Pharmacy are now doing their bit.

James said “that whilst we are not in a position to end period poverty by making these products free - by providing sanitary products at a heavily discounted rate, it’s the first step to reducing the financial impact the purchase of these everyday necessities have on families and young people.”

James hopes that the Government will take this initiative further by scrapping GST reducing the cost of these essential items by a further 15%. 

Pharmac the Government Medication and Medical device buying agency is also well placed to secure better value for women using its purchasing power to secure better lower cost options for women. James hopes that a report by the Department of Public Health at Otago University will support a robust and evidence based approach to convincing our government that action is needed.