With the new school year beginning it is a great time to stock up on all those things that will come in handy for the kids. Think about a multi-vitamin so that you know they are getting everything they need. 

At Westbury Pharmacy we have a selection of good quality sunscreens available. It's a good idea to get some difference sizes too. The little SunSense roll-ons are brilliant for them to keep in their school bags so they re-apply their sunscreen during the day. We also have an array of plasters and bandages for all those bumps and scrapes that come with playtime adventures!

Dreaded head-lice may well make an appearance once they are all back at school. We recommend MOOV Head Lice treatment as fast and easy to use as well as containing natural essential oils.

If there is anything you are unsure please talk to our Pharmacists and retail staff, as they are a wealth of knowledge on a huge array of products available for making easing into the school routine easier!



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